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About Khudaai Khidmatgaar Social Foundation

The human being is said to be the supreme creature, created by the Almighty.  The best way of worshiping the almighty is to serve the human being.  My grandfather Umar Khan kakar and father Turab Khan and were Pakhtun Pathan of Gargasht Kakar Qabila. Throughout their life, my father and my grandfather strived for serving the poor, needy and economically backward section of the society. They took efforts to unite the pathan community and its educational, social, cultural and economical upliftment.

          I have been inspired by my father and grandfather and I feel to be privileged to continue their mission. I continued their mission by extending the supporting hands for the helpless, poorer, orphans, widows and physically challenged people. I have always tried to bridge between the Government administration and the needy people by means of assisting them to avail various Government beneficiary schemes like students Scholarships, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojna, financial assistance scheme for widows and physically challenged people,Health related government schemes ,blood donation program for all communities and to develop quality education and to do collective Marrige programs of poor peoples from pathan and other communities With this initiative I reached needy people and make them aware of such schemes and assisted them apply and avail these beneficiary schemes accordingly. Besides these efforts, I also approached government to divert its focus on the financial issues of the farmers. I consistently made a follow-up of the state and central government for redressal i.e. “Qarz Mafi” which was accepted by the government and subsequently farmers were financially benefited in the form of 127 Crore and 149 crore financial assistance.

While providing various services to the backward and needy section of the society like Dalit, suppressed, oppressed and marginalized, I thought to extend these services to students, widows, unemployed youths of pathan community.

Unfortunately, after seventy years of freedom we are sorry to witness the shocking incidents of Mob lynching in the name of cast and religion. Casteist forces are working to create hatred in Hindu and Muslims community which is biggest hurdle and barrier in development of India. For socio-economical development of India it is necessary to promote Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb of India, maintain unity integrity, and promote national integration, equality, social brotherhood and tolerance. In order to promote tolerance it is necessary to remove the hatred between Hindu, Muslims and other community in the present condition and do developmental work in the interest of the society.  Due to these reason I have decided to promote national integration, patriotism and brotherhood among all the communities of India.

I discussed all these idea with few visionary persons of  Pakhtoon, pathan community and motivated all to establish an NGO through which we could unite all pakhtoon pathan communities of india to deal with all the above issues and various issues of pathan community and other communities of India. We have decided to deal with illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and socio-economical instability of society and to empower National Integration of india. With this vision and mission we have registered an NGO, “Khudaai Khidmatgaar Social Foundation” in Charity Commissioner Office of Government of Maharashtra.

The title “Khudaai Khidmatgar” has been derived from freedom movement initiated by Bahart Ratan Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan known as Sarhadi Gandhi (Frontier Gandhi) who actively involved in various Gandhian movements like Satya-grah, Non violence, Daandi Yatra etc.  As a part of this Freedom Movement, he ignited all Pathans to fight against colonial power and contribute in Freedom Movement of India. He united 70 thousand pathans from different part of country and established a moment called “Khudaai Khidmatgar” to revolt against British tyranny and to regain communal harmony, multiculturalism, nationalism, patriotism, unity in diversity and consequently India got freedom.

Few of objectives of Khudaai Khidmatgar are as follows.

  • To organize educational, social, cultural, sports and health development event in rural and urban area.
  • To bring Pathan Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Isai in main stream of country and to promote national integration and patriotism among them.
  • To make awareness about Superstition eradication in Pathan and other community of rural area.
  • To assist educated unemployed youths for getting benefited from different schemes of State and Central Government.
  • To establish and run Marathi, English and Urdu medium pre-primary and primary schools.
  • To establish and run educational institute like degree college of B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, B.Ed, Agricultural and engineering etc.
  • To establish urdu library and exercise club,gymnastic,shelter home for orphans and senior citzen ladies and gents.
  • To organize awareness campaigns for Health and Hygene, pulse polio drive, caner, aids, swine flu etc and also to work in these domains.And to orgnise free ambulance sevices ,blood donation camps etc.
  • To orgnise Environmental awearness, tree plantation ,water management awearness .
  • To apply and run all the government schemes power by Maharashtra State Khadi & Village Industries.
  • To apply and execute various government schemes for women, ST, SC and VJNT run by Central Government and Maharshtra State Social welfare Department.
  • To establish a Zakaat System to search poor and needy peoples in society and financially assist and help them by means of Zakaat.
  • To take initiatives for illiterate youths of pathan community and work for their Educational Development to bring them in main flow and stream of country.


The composition/Structure of the NGO “Khudaai Khidmatgaar Social Foundation” is as follows.



Pathan Ayyub Khan Turab Khan

Founder President

Pthan Jaleel Khan Razzaq Khan

Vice President

Pathan Dilawar Khan Bashir Khan


Pathan Siraj Khan Sarwar Khan

Joint Secretary

Pathan Mohd. Ikram Abdul Samad Khan


Pathan Zaituallah Khan Faizullah Khan


Pathan Nawaz Khan Bismillah Khan


Pathan Ayyub Khan Raheem Khan


Pathan Feroz Khan Ahmed Khan


Pathan Badruzzama Mohammad Jaan Khan


Pathan Chandan Khan Osman Khan



Name of NGO: Khudaai Khidmatgaar

Registration No: MAHARASHTRA/1292/2016F23746/Beed.

Address: Athar Babar Complex, Bashir ganj, Beed. 431122 (Maharashtra State – INDIA)

Contact No:+91 9422244650